$89 – Flat rate price includes parts and return shipping!  $119 for expedited service

  • Includes 90 warranty!
  • Includes most major parts – headbands, speakers, bezels, recabling, circuit boards…
  • Price includes replacement ear pads if all they need is pads. Pads are an additional $25 if there is another issue as well
  • If the cost of repairs is more for any reason we will contact you before completing the repairs so you can decide. Other shops will charge first and ask later and we always ask for your approval before completing repairs.
  • Male plug replacement service - Gold plated high quality 3.5mm stereo Neutrik plugs are used along with ultra pure solder and my special technique developed over many years.
  • High end 4 conductor trrs plugs made in Japan are used if there is a microphone
  • Switchcraft gold plated high end plugs can be used for thicker/heavier cables
  • High end Viablue plug can be used for an additional $20
  • Plugs are 9mm in diameter
  • Case adapters are an additional $4. If you are using a protective phone case that has a very small plug opening I can provide an adapter that is 6mm in diameter. My adapters are compatible with waterproof cases.
  • Price includes most power and sound cutting in and out issues
  • Wire and cable splicing - I do a highly durable splice when needed using a special technique developed, refined, and time tested over many years
  • I use ultrapure specialty solder
  • 90 day warranty on all repairs! - Any issues, let me know and Ill repair them again with no charge for repair service!


DIY and Headphone Parts Store - Want to do it yourself and need some parts? Click here

Service and delivery options


Above image includes Sennheiser cable with a black nylon sleeve and a premium Viablue plug.

Circuit bypass modification – Noise canceling and wireless circuits are often built with internal batteries that stop holding a charge after a few years. Most companies do not offer a replacement battery forcing you to buy a new pair. I can often find a replacement but if not or you may prefer,  I can bypass the circuit and reroute the signal in the same way audiophile headphones are wired using ultra pure solder.  They become analog and will never require charging so you are never cut off again while listening. They usually have a more clear and tonally present sound once bypassed.

$119  Expedited Repair Service  

Signature confirmation delivery is an additional $3

USPS Priority Express Overnight return service is an additional $30 ($149 for both expedite service and overnight shipping).

Mens fit  Men’s Fitness Magazine March 2016 Page 100

” How to fix Broken Headphones” 

They asked me for some advise and tips on how to test and fix broken headphones for their March issue on stands now! I describe the steps and tools required to fix a common issue with headphones that use a detachable cable. Check it out and give it a try or just send them over and I can do it for you.


Here are some more reasons to have your headphones repaired here.

  • Price includes return shipping anywhere in the US
  • Includes 90 days warranty on repair service! 
  • Direct email contact with Jay personally! You don’t have to talk to a sales rep you can communicate with me personally!
  • Includes upfront pricing and no hidden fees after repairs. You will not be surprised with part and cleaning fees!
  • I have been working with music and electronics for over 30 years!


Send to: 

Jay’s Headphone Repair 
950 Fulton St 
PO Box 380200
Brooklyn, NY 11238


Please read Mailing instructions before sending your headphones!

Q & A

If you have any other questions about your headphones or repairs needed please read the Q & A page.  I will contact you via email once they are checked in. Like on Facebook!

I repair, fix, and modify all nearly all headphones and issues. Here are a few but the list goes on and on: Beats, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, Audio technica, akg, Beyer Dynamics, gaming and aviation headsets, motorcycle headsets and helmets, Panasonic, Denon, Sol, frends, and more.

Fernin Blank 

Jay Ambrose as Fernin Blank using loopers and multiple instruments to write music live. Based on the rhythmic sounds of painting. Tuned to 432hz – look it up!  This is the pyramid energy experiment video to “Organize” by Fernin Blank.