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Jay’s Headphone Repair will be closed until May 7th – Headphones received during this time will be held securely. I will not be available to respond to new inquiries during this time. Please reach out again on or after May 7th if you are able to hold out. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for choosing my service.  

Repair service for high end headphones

I specialize in working with fine audio wire

Services include: 

Plug replacement – I use quality plugs and a technique developed and tested and refined over many years for long lasting results.

Cable repair – I can repair and splice damaged cables and wire of any variety. I can rebuild the Y area,  shorten or lengthen and repair audio cutting in and out. I can also splice an apple x compatible to your cable for permanent apple x conversion.

Recabling – I use high end pure OFC copper cables for optimal audio quality and longevity. Most on ear headphones can have the cable replaced and this is an upgrade to most factory installed cables. Many earbuds can be recabled to but they usually need to be cracked open which is very risky and I only will attempt this at your own risk.

Powered headphones – noise canceling and wireless headphone services

Power issues – I can repair most power issues including those with Bose headphones. Beats headphones with bad internal batteries and broken charger ports are more difficult to repair because Beats refuses to sell the replacement parts. I salvage them from other pairs as often as possible. Beats, Bose and apple all lobby against the Right to Repair Act that would require them to sell these parts but you can support the act here.

Audio issues – Sound cutting in and out or just out can usually be repaired.

Bose headphones have a common issue of one of the speakers blowing out that I believe happens when they are dropped and the impact overloads the noise canceling circuit and blows one of the speakers out, usually occurs on the same side as the battery due to the center of gravity being toward that side.

Beats headphones, particularly the Solo and Studio 2 and 3 have a common issue where one side starts cutting in and out and eventually stops working and I can repair this issue. They are unfortunately designed with the audio wire run through a hole it barely fits though and it is also glued in this location in such a way that every movement of the headphone places pressure on the wire in the same point over and over until the inner wires become frayed. Planned obsolescence in my opinion. I remove the damaged wire and splice or replace and change the wire path to go through a larger unglued hole and give them planned longevity.

Structural damage, cracked frames, broken headband, cracked side arms, broken plastic –

I see this issue in Beats headphones more than any other but it is not limited to Beats headphones. Most manufacturers including Beats refuses to sell the replacement parts and they are lobbying heavily against a law that would require them to do so. Apple and Bose also lobby against that law but you can support the Right to Repair Act here.

Don’t toss them! You can support the cause and make other headphones repairable by donating them for recycling and salvaging. I will remove all usable parts and recycle the rest. The recycling service is paid for by those who benefit from the parts. It is a great service to the environment because one salvaged headphone can prevent several others from becoming waste and also prevent the release of pollution and CO2 created in manufacturing new pairs. Just send them in with your intensions to recycle them and I will be happy to offer 10% off your or a friends next repair.

If you have found a replacement part and would like it installed properly please include it with your headphones.

Please include $25 with headphones for evaluation, part searching and return shipping.

Once they have been evaluated I will contact you with a final quote before beginning repairs. If you find a lower price I will match it. You can choose to not repair and have them returned or to recycle instead if you would rather invest in a new pair. Every headphone and issue is different so they need to be evaluated and tested before I can give an accurate estimate.  

  • Repair prices vary depending on how much the parts cost and how much time is needed. 
  • Signature confirmation delivery is included with every repair to ensure they arrive to you securely.
  • +$25   Expedited Repair Service  Please include $50 total for expedited evaluation and repair service 
  • +$30   USPS Priority Express Overnight delivery service. Please include $55 total if you would like them returned via overnight delivery. Please include $80 if you would like expedite repair service and overnight return delivery ( $80 does not include the repair price that will be quoted to you once they have been evaluated. 
  • 90 day warranty on all repairs!
  •  Over 20 years experience developing complex techniques for long lasting repairs.
  • There is never a surprise at the end, I will always speak to you about the final price before performing any repairs.
  • Specializing in working with fine wire that is used for headphones and using ultra pure solder in the same way that is used in producing  high end very expensive audio cables.
  • Repairs for amplifiers, speakers, wireless speakers and a wide range of electronics are also accepted.
  • I design, install and maintain high end venue sound systems and my clients include the famous Balthazar in soho NYC, Augustine, Schillers and Minetta Tavern and many more. I also install, design and maintain home sound systems and Sonos systems.
 Please read the mailing instructions before sending them. 
If you have any questions please contact me via email or use the contact form:


Fernin Blank

I create music and art and make it available for your enjoyment. The tunes are free and the art is unique and available for sale here.

I am a session bass and trumpet player and was recently featured in an article by BB4 Studios, one of the best sounding studios in NYC!


16” x 20” Archival giclee prints are now available for sale!

“ mini “

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I am a musician and painter and I combine the two using loopers in my Fernin Blank project. This painting was created during a live performance at Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Fernin Blank is live improvisational songwriting using loopers and the visual and sound elements of painting along with percussion, vocals, bass, trumpet, and guitar.

“ mini “ has been captured by Rob McInnis, founder of Brooklyn Archival and archival giclee prints made using archival ink and Epsom hot press bright 330 gsm archival paper. Image size is 16”x 20” and there is a white border around image. I have only made 25 prints so it is a rare 1st ever 1st run!

See more of my art and music at

Please enjoy the making of “ mini ”

Part 1: