I was featured in the New York Daily News! 

I am a session bass and trumpet player and was recently featured in an article by BB4 Studios, one of the best sounding studios in NYC!


Please include $25 with headphones for evaluation, part searching and return shipping.

Once they have been evaluated I will contact you with a final quote before beginning repairs. If you find a lower price I will match it. 

  • Repair prices vary depending on how much the parts cost and how much time is needed. 
  • I can repair most models and issues, replace plugs, re-cables, splices, connection issues, internal circuit issues, power issues, broken frames upon part availability, headbands, blown speakers, pads, and cat or dog ate it to name a few. I focus on high end and audiophile headphones. 
  • +$3     Signature confirmation delivery
  • +$25   Expedited Repair Service
  • +$30   USPS Priority Express Overnight delivery service
  • High end pure OFC copper is used for recabling and you can upgrade to a high end Viablue plug and an extra layer of multi-filament sleeve can be added.
  • 90 day warranty on all repairs!
  •  Over 20 years experience developing complex techniques for long lasting repairs.
  • There is never a surprise at the end, I will always speak to you about the final price before performing any repairs.
  • Specializing in working with fine wire that is used for headphones and using ultra pure solder in the same way that is used in producing  high end very expensive audio cables.
  • Repairs for amplifiers, speakers, wireless speakers and a wide range of electronics are also accepted.
  • I design, install and maintain high end venue sound systems and my clients include the famous Balthazar in soho NYC, Augustine, Schillers and Minetta Tavern and many more. I also install, design and maintain home sound systems and Sonos systems.

 Please read the mailing instructions before sending them. 
If you have any questions please contact me via email or use the contact form:


Fernin Blank

I create music and art and make it available for your enjoyment. The tunes are free and the art is unique and available for sale here.


16” x 20” Archival giclee prints are now available for sale!

“ mini “

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I am a musician and painter and I combine the two using loopers in my Fernin Blank project. This painting was created during a live performance at Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Fernin Blank is live improvisational songwriting using loopers and the visual and sound elements of painting along with percussion, vocals, bass, trumpet, and guitar.

“ mini “ has been captured by Rob McInnis, founder of Brooklyn Archival and archival giclee prints made using archival ink and Epsom hot press bright 330 gsm archival paper. Image size is 16”x 20” and there is a white border around image. I have only made 25 prints so it is a rare 1st ever 1st run!

See more of my art and music at

Please enjoy the making of “ mini ”

Part 1: