Questions and Answers

Can you fix my ________  headphones,  ________ is wrong with them ( fill in the blanks ) ?

Answer: The answer is almost always yes. Even most ear buds or in ear monitors are repairable though it can be risky to open some buds for re-cabling. Custom in ear molds can be repaired if the damage is along the wire or close to the plug but the molds can not be opened.

 Some headphones require parts that are difficult to find and in these cases I will search for them.  I will not charge any amount over the base price without your approval for additional bench time or parts needed.  Not every headphone is repairable,  if it is not,  you can either have them salvaged and recycled or returned. I offer a free salvaging and recycling service and disposal will have a very low environmental impact. I separate the parts not usable into plastic and metal and recycle them appropriately. 

I  much will it cost?

Answer: Most repairs fall into the base price.  There are additional services as well and expedite repair service if you need to skip the line. Check out the Pricing page for current prices.

Do I have to contact you before sending them?

Answer: You do not have to contact me before sending them in, I am happy to look at any and all models and issues.  

I read the Mens Fitness Magazine article where Jay Ambrose gives advice and tips on testing and repairing headphones. Were my headphones designed to last just past the warranty, can you make them last longer?

Answer: Many manufacturers are designing headphones that have an end date built into them and it is very unfortunate for music lovers because we are spending more than ever on headphones and waste and pollution involved are horrible for the environment. After looking at thousands of headphones personally, I see obvious evidence of this and I can in many cases modify the design in a simple way and greatly extend their life. Having a built in rechargeable battery that is not replaceable is a common example and I advise to avoid buying these types of headphones they are not designed to last beyond the internal battery. 

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