Mailing Instructions

Mail in repair service only.

I recommend USPS.  Click here to print a USPS label - Tips – Use a padded envelope for the lowest shipping price – use Pay Pal shipping tool to receive free commercial base pricing (lower price)  - Send using first class standard post if under lb for lowest rate.

Please do not include original packaging if possible.

Use the contact form before mailing headphones.

Mail to:

Jay’s Headphone Repair
950 Fulton St.
PO Box 380200
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Inside the package include: 

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Return address
  4. A brief description of what’s wrong with the headphone
  5. Payment -
    • Please include your payment with headphones.  If payment is included they will go right into repair after one cycle in the line instead of two.   I accept cash or a money order made out to me personally, Jason Ambrose. Money orders made out to Jay’s Headphone Repair will be returned upon arrival and it will delay the processing of your order until an accepted payment is received.  You can pick up a money order at any USPS location. Please include the flat rate amount posted on the pricing page. I do not accept personal checks. Personal checks are returned upon arrival and it will delay the processing of your order.
  6. Please clean your headphones before mailing them. If they arrive sticky, smelly or slimy they will be returned not repaired.

Failure to include 1-6 will result in significantly longer processing and wait times

Your headphones will be returned via USPS, other methods upon request

+$3     Signature confirmation delivery

+$30   Expedited Repair Service

+$30   USPS Priority Express Overnight delivery service

I use a USPS PO box that is very secure, packages are never left out and you can send first class to receive the lowest rate possible.

US orders only, no international orders are accepted.

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