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Jay’s Headphone Repair 
950 Fulton St.
PO Box 380200
Brooklyn, NY 11238

J Ambrose Sound: I also install and maintain venue and restaurant sound systems. Clients include the famous Balthazar NYC, Minetta Tavern, Schillers and more.  Visit if you need maintenance or installation.


Fernin Blank

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Jay Ambrose as Fernin Blank using loopers and multiple instruments to write music live. Funky melodic rock with punk undertones or as I call it, “Floydian Punk.” Recorded for free in Lo-Fi with an element of sucks as a representation of the current state of our music industry. Much of the current music is based on the rhythmic sounds of painting and tuned to the healing frequency of 432hz.
“Who we are” is a call of awakening to everyone. Whether you are in the 1% or in the 99% we are all in this bubble called Earth together. Coming together in peace is the only way for our survival on our weeping planet. Literally, our ice caps are melting away.