As a musician, audio engineer, and a music lover, I am committed and inspired to share this unique service to improve the quality of your listening experience.

Millions of headphones are left to waste due to worn wire and other fixable issues and my service reduces that waste and has saved hundreds and thousands of dollars for my customers in the cost of buying new headphones! I also recycle and refurbish headphones so you can send them in for recycling even if you don’t want them repaired but would like them recycled properly. I separate the usable parts and re-use everything possible. Anything that I can not use is separated into plastic and metals and recycled in the proper way.

Making products last longer and recycling all these materials is the only way we can provide a healthy environment for future generations. Please become a part of this in every way possible.

Stay tuned for music from Fernin Blank!

Here is a true floydian punk tune mixed to an old war on drugs film that was played to elementary school children in the 70’s.

My music project named Fernin Blank fuses looping technologies with rock, funk, Blues, grunge and hip hop to carve out a new genre of music dubbed “Floydian Punk”.

Download the audio from these tunes free!