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I fix every brand of headphones, headset, earbud, monitors, anything you put on your head or in your ears that makes sound.

I was featured in the New York Daily News!

Former Brooklyn bartender turns love of music and soldering skills into headphone repair business


Sunday, July 3rd 2011, 4:00 AM

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/brooklyn-bartender-turns-love-music-soldering-skills-headphone-repair-business-article-1.155527

Most headphones can be fixed! I repair Bose, Monster Beats by Dr Dre  Studio, Solo, Tours, Sony, Audio Technicas, Behringer, Sennheiser, Panasonic, Pioneer  Skull Candy, Grado, Shure, Apple , Klipsch, AKG, Technics, Allen and Heath, V-Moda, Beyerdynamics , TDK, Direct Sound, Etymotic, Denon and more!

Mens fit  Men’s Fitness Magazine March 2016 Page 100

” How to fix Broken Headphones” 

They asked me for some advise and tips on how to test and fix broken headphones for their March issue on stands now! I describe the steps and tools required to fix a common issue with headphones that use a detachable cable. Check it out and give it a try or just send them over and I can do it for you. 

Review from Bobbi Rondinelli, drummer of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Rainbow, The Lizards …

” I had 3 broken pairs of Ultimate Ear in ear monitors. UA said they wouldn’t fix them. Jay turned 3 broken pairs into 2 pairs that are like new. Jay saved me hundreds of dollars, he’s the BEST!!! ”  –  Bobbi Rondinelli


Fernin Blank

I also create live music using paint and a brush and several instruments, mics, and modified loopers. This is the first one using painting as the base of the improvisational music.